EnterBrazil is a group of consultants that specializes in helping foreign companies to develop new business opportunities in Brazil, and also helping Brazilians search for partners abroad.

We develop and conduct market studies, engage in direct contact with importers/exporters, and assist in the complete implementation process of opening and managing a business office in the Brazilian territory.

With a privileged location in the capital of the country – Brasilia – we have easy access to the main public institutions, regulatory agencies, ministries, international organizations and our National Congress. This is of high importance to obtain the approval of bills of law, contact with authorities, access to information and facilitation of investments. In the center of Brazil, the city has one of the best standards of living in the country, hosting Brazilians from all regions and almost 200 diplomatic representations accredited to the Brazilian Government. It also hosts a great number of commercial and industrial associations of relevance in the Country.

Our team is made up of experts, such as, economists, internationalists, and specialists in foreign trade, lawyers, agronomists, specialists in human resources, and professors of top universities, among others. External consultants are also hired according to the need for specific services required by each individual client. We work in partnerships with law offices, accountants, trading companies, research and consumer behavior institutes, and lobbying companies spread all over Brazil.

We have a broad knowledge of the Brazilian market, constantly following the economic, political and international business trends.