• Hitachi (Japan) – Market Study


novartis barbados botswana

adventista bidc

  • Novartis (Switzerland)- Survey with doctors
  • Barbados Investment & Development Corporation-market research on different industries
  • Embassy of Botswana and Government of Barbados- Lecture on business in Brazil
  • Seventh day Adventist church – Foreign trade


alston ermenegildo bayer

  • Ermenegildo Zegna(Italy): Store evaluation
  • Bayer Healthcare (Germany)- Focus groups and in-depth interviews
  • Alstom Transportation(France) – In depth interviews


abra st_ericsson

  • ABRA-Brazilian Association of Animal recycling-International Market
  • ST-Ericsson (Switzerland) Competition Study
  • UNDP (Brazil) – Study on the exports of Brazilian Meat to the Middle East
  • Mckinsey (Pakistan)-Report on the Brazilian Pharmaceutical market
  • Nomura Research Institute (Japan) – Market Research/Commercial Mission


pnud mckinsey nri

  • PNUD-Nações Unidas- Exportação de carne brasileira para o Oriente Médio
  • Mckinsey (Paquistão)-Relatório mercado farmacêutico brasileiro
  • Nomura Research Institute (Japão)- Pesquisa do mercado farmacêutico/missão comercial


sergios engineersindia

  • Sergio’s Shoes (Brazil) – Corporate Training
  • Engineers India Limited- Business contacts and development


nokia schering tatelyle fedex

  • Nokia (Finland) – Market Research
  • Schering-Plough(USA)- Survey with doctors in Brazil.
  • TATE & LYLE(England)- Market survey all over Brazil for the implementation of new food products.
  • Fedex (USA)- Market Research
  • CICB(Centre for the Brazilian Tanning Industries)- “Perspectives of Brazilian leather exports to the Chinese furniture and automobile sectors” (2007-2017).



  • CICB(Centre for the Brazilian Tanning Industries) “World market of Leather and Brazil’s insertion”


  • Ministry of Tourism. “The present negotiation framework and possible impacts in the process of liberalization on the Brazilian tourism sector.” Analyzed recent WTO’s(World Trade Organization) debates.



  • State of Pernambuco. Secretary of Science and technology. Elaborated proposal for the creation of decentralized unities of the Federal center of technology education of Petrolina, sent to the Ministry of Education. Included technical trip to the state.
  • Federation of Commerce of Brasília, elaborated study on the services and commerce sector in Brazil and in the state of Federal District.


santafedosul abipti

  • City of Santa Fé do Sul .Public Policy. Diagnoses of all sectors of the city located in the west part of the state of Sao Paulo. Gave recommendations on the educational, cultural, sports e economic sector.
  • Abipti(Brazilian Association of Technology Research Institutions)Helped in the elaboration of the book: Science, Technology and Regionalization. About public policies on Science and Technology.
  • Ministry of Foreign Trade (MDIC), Developed studies about exports perspectives in three sectors: Wholesale and Retail, Construction and Software.