Our consultants

Marcelo Sicoli

MBA in marketing in FGV(Getulio Vargas Foundation) and graduation in International Relations in UnB(University of Brasilia). Has worked for a few embassies, foreign governments, Brazilian Government , and private companies mainly in the food, industrial pharmaceutical and medical equipment companies especially from Japan, India and USA. Has many articles published in major magazines, newspapers and websites about consultancy, market research, pharmaceutical market,  Brazilian real estate market and condominium management.


Luiz Fernando Sicoli

Physician specialized in Rheumatology with more than 30 years of experience. Holds a Master’s degree from the University of Paris (France). Also has a graduation and post graduation in Law. He is currently registered in both professional councils: Doctors(CRM) and Lawyers(OAB).

Marcos Oliveira

Real estate broker with 10 years of experience with the real estate market and performance in the areas of launch, resale, real estate credit, rental management and property valuation. (CRECI-DF 15762); Real estate appraiser and rental values, registered with CNAI: 17628 (National Register of Real Estate Appraisers). Partner Director of the company Dádiva Assessoria Imobiliária; Business administrator since 2005; Bachelor of Laws since 2019; Postgraduate in Appropriate Conflict Resolution Methods;

Natalie Yeska

MBA in business management. Worked in the foreign trade department of food companies, chemical, clothing and general industry. Also worked with several companies as an independent consultant.